10 Year Workmanship Warranty

You need to know what you are buying right?

Of course you do, we believe that honest and upfront business practices are a must. It is because of this, we issue a professional 10-year workmanship warranty certificate. That way you know when the warranty period starts and finishes.

This warranty certificate is separate from the material warranty that Shieldcoat gives you.

This warranty gives you the confidence that not only the materials used, are the best available on the market today but the application process we use is industry leading.

That’s why we give every one of our valuable customers a written certificate that outlines the full conditions of your warranty period.

This warranty guarantees the coating system applied will not peel, flake or blister for 10 years from the date of completion. The Guarantee covers you for any arising problems that are a result of faulty surface preparation (not cleaning the surface properly) or application techniques (putting water in the paint or applying the paint to thin).

Please ask us to see the 10 Year Workmanship Warranty Document when you receive our quote.

(Conditions Apply).

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