This blog is about Roof Restorations

Here we will outline the pros and cons about getting your roof restored


  1. Protects your roof from the harsh Australian weather.
  2. Prevents deterioration of the roof substrate. 
  3. Prevents premature cracking of the pointing on a tiled roof.
  4. Prevents rust from starting on screws and roofing sheets.
  5. Enhances the look of your roof and the overall appearance of your home.
  6. Replacing the roof of your home can be really expensive compared to a Roof Restoration.
  7. Easier Maintenance


  1. In 10-12 years it will need to be redone.
  2. Will perform better and last longer if it is cleaned every year.
Newly painted roof in the Hervey Bay area
Newly finished tiled roof restoration in the Hervey Bay area
Old roof restoration.
Roof Restoration that is 12 years old