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Are You Looking For The Best Value For Money Roof Painting Business in Hervey Bay? 

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Roof Painters/Roof Restoration & Repairs Hervey Bay QLD 4655 Perfect Roof Restoration Every Time

Roof Painting/Roof Restoration & Repairs Hervey Bay QLD 4655 Voted Best Value For Money Roof Restoration & Repairs Business On The Fraser Coast.

Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations are the peoples choice for a Roof Painting/Roof Restoration & Repairs business in Hervey Bay QLD 4655.

Who we are and what we offer:

 Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations are Hervey Bay’s first choice when choosing a business to complete it’s Roof Painting, Roof Restoration & Repairs?

Shephard’s Painting and Roof Restorations have given our top quality work to the Hervey Bay people since 2004. Over the years we have been in business, We have fine-tuned the way we restore roofs. We are utilising a unique application method that helps us to deliver the highest performing, durable and appealing finish found throughout Australia.

Why our Roof Restorations are better

 We leave other businesses, that claim to be our competitors, consistently struggling to replicate our consistent, high-quality work.

Since 2004 Steve has owned and operated Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations. In this time they have never had a product or application failure.  All they have is a long list of happy customers.

We have become the most sought-after roof restoration business in the Hervey Bay area. So don’t waste your money and time comparing us with other companies in the area because it just wouldn’t be comparing apples to apples.

Roof Painting/Roof Restoration & Repairs Hervey Bay QLD 4655:

Our Roof Restoration Guarantee:

 If you hire Roof Painting/Roof Restorations & Repairs Hervey Bay to restore your roof, you will get us!. You have my word, that the person that comes out to do the quote! Does the job!

Roof Restoration & Repairs Hervey Bay will also give you the best value for money. In addition to this if you feel you are getting a better deal from another business, please give me a call, and we will sit down and go through the quotes and work out how we can give you the best value for money.

Roof Painting/Roof Restoration & Repairs in Hervey Bay QLD 4655:

Our 10-Year Roof Restoration Warranty:

 Qbcc regulations state that any licensed contractor must give a 6-months warranty on their work. THAT’S RIGHT! A WHOLE 6-MONTHS. Wow.

We are so confident with both, the application system we use and Shieldcoat premium materials, that we offer 10-Years warranty on every roof we paint.

Roof Restoration 10-Years Material Warranty:

 First of all, most paint manufacturing company’s offer a 10-year Guarantee with their materials. The Guarantee will cover the materials against Peeling, Cracking, or Blistering but does not guarantee the coatings for Fading. Therefore choosing a lighter colour will ultimately extend the colour and gloss retention. The conditions of this Guarantee would only apply if the Contractor is Qbcc licensed and or the Contractor is a Registered Partner or an Accredited Applicator.

Furthermore, businesses with these credentials, in particular, would be wise to display and advertise them. That way everybody is aware they have them.

Roof Restoration 10-Year Material Warranty:

What You Need To Know:

 Many people don’t realise that contractors you hire to restore your roof need to hold a current Qbcc licence. Furthermore, you can check to see what the outlines are for the licence category. Click on the link to find out more  Qbcc Painting & Decorating Licence. In addition to this, they need to hold a Registered/Accredited Applicator Certificate. If you would like to check that any business you might hire to restore your roof is licensed you can do that here  https://www.onlineservices.qbcc.qld.gov.au/OnlineLicenceSearch/VisualElements/SearchBSALicenseeContent.aspx

If, the materials used on your roof for some reason fail, e.g. Peel, Crack, or Blister and as a result, you need to make a claim, all the paint company will do is, supply you with a few cans of paint. Consequently, you will be left paying the bill for a business to fix it.

For this reason, Shephard’s Painting & Roof Restorations, offer an exclusive reapplication guarantee. So in conclusion for the ten years that Shieldcoat Guarantee their materials for, We will re-apply them. FREE OF CHARGE.

We are one of the only businesses in this area and for that matter Australia that offers this guarantee.

Subcontractors And What You Need To Know:

 Ask yourself this question? How would you feel if the business you hired to restore your roof, contracted the job to someone else without your knowledge? Not happy right?

There are some reasons they do this, but the main one is, they do not have the Expertise or the Equipment to do the job correctly themselves. Therefore it is wise to stay away from these types of businesses.

There is a lot of these unprofessional company’s around that contract your job to people who are most of the time, unlicensed and uninsured with little to no experience at all.

If you would like to know more about this go to our Warranty’s page for further details.

So if you combine our:
    1. Our exclusive roof restoration reapplication guarantee.
    2. Our superior quality roof painting and repairs workmanship.
    3. Our 10-years roof restoration Application Warranty.
    4. Shieldcoat extends their roof membrane warranty from 10-years up to 12-Years when top coated with Shieldcoat Nanoprotect.
    5. We promise to give you the best value for money.
    6. We only use Shieldcoat premium quality paints, so you get the highest quality materials.
    7. Lots of  customers have left great reviews about the quality of our roof restorations and repairs.
    8. We do the quote and the roof restoration ourselves.
    9. No pushy salesperson tactics.
    10. You will meet an honest and friendly business owner that loves his job.
    11. We would never hire Subcontractors to do your roof restoration for us, this will never happen, it’s our guarantee.
    12. Last but not least, our customer service is second to none.

For these reasons and more, It’s a no-brainer whom to choose when you need a business to paint your home or to do a complete Roof Restoration in the Hervey Bay area.


Call the Best value for money Roof Painting/Roof Restoration & Repairs business in Hervey Bay QLD 4655 on:

 Steve 0409 558 359

 Vanessa 0438 627 076

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